Great vacation moments for everyone


Great moments for everyone

Beach towel, garden chair, hammok in the tree, dive in the water, cruising on the waves, nice day trips, local delicassies in lunch restaurant, homemade dinner in outside kitchen, cozy sunset evening at home falling asleep to the sound of the ocean. Villa Istella de Mari and its immediate surroundings offers great moments for everyone. The house is big enough both inside and outside for a few groups of friends, couples or families to have a great time together, still respecting some private space.


Moments around the house

Wake up to the sound and view of the sea, take a short stroll to the beach for a dip before breakfast. Enjoy breakfast oustide. Lay down to bronze in the garden or on  the beach. Relax in the shade under a juniper tree in the backyard or read a book protected from the sun by the bouganville on the terrass. BBQ in the sunset  and have dinner outside on the terrass

Cala di Lea.JPG

Just around the corner

Head over to Capo Testa to enjoy a new beach setting (take a kayak or a walk to hidden gems like Cala di l'Ea). Have lunch at one of the local restaurants in Santa Teresa. Pick up some fresh fish on the way home (for dinner) and why not some Pecorino and a few lemons (herbs are in the garden)